Build key skills, community and team relationships

In today’s world of virtual working, corporate simulations can build community and team relationships, reduce isolation and potential mental health problems and develop team-based decision-making skills.

Learning Dynamics’ business simulations deliver a great opportunity to build individual and team competencies virtually at the same time as overcoming some of the negative aspects of virtual working.

Empower your apprentices, graduates and high-flyer future leaders

Grow your people – and your business. With the right skills, anything is possible. 

Learning Dynamics/The Simulation Space provides engaging and rigorous skill-building programmes based on experiential learning business simulations delivered on a state-of-the-art online platform for inclusion in:

Suitable simulations for embedding in your Apprentice programmes are:


Development need Ideal simulation
Business and commercial awareness Business Management Experience
Business and Corporate Social Responsibility The Sustainable Business Simulation
Contributing to a project team Early- career Project Management Experience

Suitable simulations for embedding in your Graduate Induction and Development programmes are:


Development need Ideal simulation
Business and commercial awareness Business Management Experience simulation (Wearable Technology)
Business and Corporate Social Responsibility Exploring Enterprise simulation
Managing Workplace Projects Project Management Experience

Three simulations to prepare your Future Leaders for senior management roles:


Development need Ideal simulation
Strategic Thinking My Strategy Experience
Managing Large-scale or Strategic Projects Project Management Experience simulation
Corporate growth strategy Mergers & Acquisitions Experience simulation

The Smarter Way to Embed Key Business Skills

Our state-of-the-art online simulation platform:

  • Builds on over 20 years of virtual learning experience
  • Anywhere anytime learning on any device – access 24/7 across time zones
  • Excellent engagement with the technology and user interfaces
  • Management of large cohorts – scalable from tens to thousands of participants
  • Embedded with facilitator guidance and resources
  • Gives modern learners a modern learning experience
  • Motivates today’s learners to success with an engaging learning experience

Market Leading Simulations on One Platform

The Simulation Space online platform delivers Learning Dynamic’s market-leading portfolio of business simulations. It enables you to run all simulations on one platform. LD / The Simulation Space is the smarter way to introduce experiential learning into your programme design. We can train your HRD teams to run the simulations live or virtually – or the simulations can be facilitated by Learning Dynamics.

With The Simulation Space Platform you can

  • Set timetables
  • brand your home / login page
  • assign colleagues to teams
  • assign mentors
  • share learning materials
  • track progress
  • see results for all teams
  • enable access on any device, anywhere, anytime

With The Simulation Space Platform you have

Access to materials for facilitators and mentors including presentations to introduce the simulation, videos and audios that provide coaching specific to the simulation and individual learning reviews/ROI evaluation.

Ability to view individual results and feedback provided to each team based on their performance at each stage of the simulation.

Surveys and quizzes to enable participants to articulate their learning/competency development and its application to their current and future role in your organisation.

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