Promote teaching excellence through immersive simulations

The Learning Dynamics mission is to encourage academics and corporate trainers to embed innovative and engaging simulations into course modules and programmes in order to enhance learning experiences.

Immersive simulations allow an interactive, applied learning experience for students. By tackling practical challenges and gaining first-hand experience of complex decision-making in a safe environment, participants can apply taught theory and benefit from a richer, more rewarding learning experience.

Increase student engagement

Our simulations deliver an improved learning experience which results in enhanced engagement

Enhance employability

Simulations develop individual and team competences that graduate recruiters are looking for

Add value to virtual learning

Our simulations build confidence in working virtually and making business decisions in a team-based environment encourages engagement

Improve learning outcomes

Simulations enable participants to put theory into practice thereby reinforcing learning

Empower the teaching team

We provide ready-to-run simulation resources and support for easy adoption and use with confidence by the teaching team

Ready-to-run simulations

Our simulations on the LD / Simulation Space platform are ready-to-run, anywhere, anytime

Partners in learning


Learning Dynamics is a leading developer of educational business simulations for web and mobile. We are an innovation-driven company that authors, designs, develops and delivers world-class business simulations and experiential learning resources for university business education and corporate development programmes. We have been in the forefront of simulation design for experiential learning for over 25 years.

Our ready-to-run business simulations on the LD/The Simulation Space platform, provide hands-on learning for top universities and corporations in employability, enterprise, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, project management and operations.

You’ll be in good company

We are partnering with leading universities to help deliver an exceptional learning experience